3 Months in!

Ok, so we are 3 months in.  I haven’t blogged as much as I have wanted.  It is good for collecting some thoughts and now playing back some events.  So what has happened over the last 3 months.  Well we have a real life baby! Still getting used to saying that.  It hasn’t been as hard as expected, something my hairdresser (male) told me.

It’s been amazing watch Sofia develop from a sleeping, crying cute blob into a baby with emerging skills and personality.  She can now sit up aided, I can get her to pull herself up while holding on to my hands.  She has control over her neck and follows people round the room.  She smiles when she sees us which is amazing after a day at work, calms you right back down.  She can fist pump, I say this in honest belief that her bathtime raising of her hand in to a fist is such to allow me to do the same back.  She sleeps, really, she does, she makes lot’s of noise while doing so which keeps Em awake but for me I am out for the count. She chats alot and loves her reflection, the wrongly delivered activity matt is a godsend for her playtime. She seems amazingly well behaved and doesn’t cry lot’s. Spending time with her is amazing, I laughed about how obsessed people are with bathtime but actually  I love doing the bathtime each night.   She is in a routine sleeping by 10 and waking around 5.

Work hasn’t suffered as a result, I thought i’d be in the office surviving on coffee and hiding in the corner like someone does after drinking all night.  I am definitely more tired which is a combination of work stress and having a baby.  We initially started watching more tv, Narcos was amazing.  My running has suffered, I feel much more lethargic and don’t feel the pace.  This could just be getting old, I’ve now turned 40.  I need to turn this bit around as is the one thing i don’t feel right with at the moment.

We took a decision not to move, prices are so crazy at the moment and really despite elements of damp this house has everything we need.  We are doing the boiler, will find a way of converting the roof event though not high enough.  The new car is awesome, speed as well as being able to go places easily with her, no issues with boot or baby chair yet, she goes to sleep when put in there.  We have a nursery place locally, we have childcare vouchers in the bank, know the local baby haunts and are likely to start taking her swimming after her next round of jabs.

We dont go out as much, we had our first full day out in London without Sofia which was cool although got hourly photo updates on what she was up to.  We never went out and partied madly, in fact we were often in bed by 9 watching tv, maybe that has set us up well for the event.  Where we’ve needed to we both have freedom to stay out.  I’ve continued with burger club, running and working as before.

Friends have been amazing, both with gifts and also desire to see her and spend time with her.  She came away for my 40th and was loved.  We just want more of our friends in the same situation now.  We’ve continued to travel and see people and places.  Em is planning a trip to Florida early next year and we hope to do a shorter hop beforehand.   Everyone wants to see her and spend time with her.

So best thing in my life ever?  I don’t think I can ever say this is what I dreamed about but so far it is a amazing experience and one i wouldn’t now give up.  See if I say this again in a few months.

me and Sofome and sofo2me and sofo 3


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