Buggy Review -Baby Zen – Yoyo


So we plumped for the Babyzen YoYo+, there are so many options available that in the end we went for one which saved on space and folded into a compact space which would work in our boot and on holidays.  I had thought about a running one but in the end how often was I going to be out running with the baby and the pram.  Since we had Sofia I have done more solo running than i did before the baby was born (Marathon training) and it has worked out, so unless it is your number one requirement then don’t think too much about it.  A new baby won’t stop you running and i rarely see anyone out running with one (odd parkrun maybe).

I’m not going to write a massive review on this so here are 5 good and bad points we’ve found on the babyzen.  You can buy them at all good John Lewis outlets

Good things

  1. It really does fold small.  I have a BMW 1 series and it hardly takes up any room in the boot, folds flat and allows you to place stuff on top of it if needed.   In theory it can go in the overhead luggage locker on a plane!
  2. It also comes with a strap  and you can actually carry it on your shoulder with little effort.  That will come in benefit as we travel more.
  3. It is maneuverable and fits through small gaps.  I didn’t realise how hard it would be to weave in and out of people and just to navigate pavements and obstacles presented such as bin day.  This buggy just works, it is responsive, narrow and we have managed most town visits and challenges.
  4. She goes to sleep quickly and it seems comfortable enough that she stays asleep.
  5. Can get a attachment to plug in the Maxi cosy car seat, we haven’t done this yet but is a definite plus as is one of the best car seats around.

Bad things

  1. It has limited space to put items under the buggy, it hasn’t been a massive problem but the space it really thin and anything wider than a shoe box wont fit, needs to be fairly shallow also.
  2. Not convinced on the comfort factor for a newborn as it seems to vibrate and shake the baby when travelling over cobbles (market town).  The video seems to suggest these shocks are being absorbed but not convinced based on baby’s movement though.
  3. It has been difficult to collapse.  I think this is just getting used to it but always seem to have problems compacting it down.  Sometimes easy, sometimes not.
  4. Looks like a fair few celebs have one including the Ecclestones, at least you can say it isn’t a Bugaboo – the other most obvious buggy at the moment.
  5.  Not sure i have a 5th, struggled with the last one.

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