First Day’s Out

Well it has been just over 2 weeks since Sofia was born and we are starting to venture out.  First the end of the road, then Hitchin town, then the local pub for dinner, then John Lewis in neighbouring town, Welwyn.  All has gone surprisingly well and it might be that we have learnt to have everything ready to go at any point.

Key things we have done,

  • Packed a day bag with everything we need for a day out which just sits there until we go (nappies, change of clothes, bags, cleaning stuff etc…).
  • Bought a buggy which i really can carry on my shoulder and sits in the car ready to go
  • We are mixing bottle and breast, so we take a bottle of ready made milk and a empty bottle ready to feed at any point.

It isn’t like before where I left the house wondering whether i had managed to put my keys and wallet in my pocket.  It is much more well thought through but hopefully we can get out with as little fuss.  It was one of the key things we wanted in having a baby in that we maintained as normal a life as possible.


So, the key mantra’s when out are don’t wake up and don’t poop.  Neither of which has really happened and is thanks mainly to the fact babies sleep as soon as they move, car or buggy.  This is a fact.  So at the moment in our trips out which have been for a few hours we have been really lucky not to have to test the baby changing facilities or have a screaming baby while trying to have dinner.  Next post will be on screaming baby days out.


So what is different?  Em is still not at pre-pregnant walking capability, to be expected.  This means we don’t go far.  We park in pay and display and not that bit further away, we also have not ventured to town yet with just the buggy.  Department stores are interesting to navigate with new things to work out like where are the lifts, avoid small staircases.  People stare, especially when I am on my own with the baby, like i have just stolen her.  You don’t just cross the road, crossings and double checking become a thing of the norm.  Cobbles are no go for the Baby Zen carrier (did we pick the wrong one?).  You start to notice obstacles in the road such as signs and other people blocking the pathways.  It is all rather normal so far and nothing to have been expected.


This is too easy?


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