First 10 days

Day 1 – Sunday (baby born Wednesday gone),

This was going to be the first week but part of that was in hospital and doesn’t really count.  Once home things start to get real, lying there with her on the bed with the both of us, makes you suddenly go, oh shit, what do we do now.  We have the first thing in our lives that is not returnable if we don’t like it, in a throw away culture she is the first thing that really will and has to stay with us forever.  That is a big commitment.


Baby is fine but Em is bed bound, or at least resting, it’s been super hard on her and she is just glad to be home.  Being out of hospital has reduced the stress and she looks better for it.  It is my job to look after as she looks after the baby feeding.  However by the end of the day Em isn’t feeling great and we are on the way back to the hospital, while phoning the consultant ward on whether we should be coming in.  This is the first official leaving of the house and was largely re-packing everything we came home with including the Sofia.  They say we should watch this space and the bleeding is likely leftover from the initial problem.  First visitors with Em’s mum and best friend Steve coming over.

Day 2 – Monday,

So initial check up from midwife, things are ok but she has lost some weight.  All babies lose around 10% of their body weight after birth but then is how they regain the weight.  Regular breastfeeding or bottlefeeding is obviously key.  Day 2 was largely sitting at home, time flies, especially when have a new baby operating in few hour cycles of eat, wee and sleep.  We also try a quick trip out in our new BabyZen yo Yo buggy.  It passes the terrain test navigating round the park, however Em doesn’t and the planned trip to the local pub is cut short.  We also host Em’s dad and one of our friends, Ash.

Day 3 – Tuesday,

Bit of a stress day although started well getting out for a run, determined that keep this up.  Sofia goes through a period of not waking up, really weird and freaked us out, it was great that the midwife came quickly in the afternoon and also sod’s law that as soon as we ring her Sofia perks up.  I never thought i’d be scared or nervous in the way I have been.  Google has become a friend and have been reading through sites on what to expect in the first few weeks.  Every little thing is checked.  Some of it feels natural and instinctive, changing nappies for example hasn’t been an issue (although no poo yet).  Holding has been the only difficult thing so far, it’s less the picking up but changing from front to rear facing for things like burping.  Getting there.  Em has also been really manic, she does think alot in to things anyway but everything is heightened at the moment and she is BORED, all of this equals someone who gets worried by everything.  My job is the rational thinker, almost like being at work and delivering one of our projects to live.  Can be tiring.

Day 4 – Wednesday

We are on poop watch as hasn’t been for a poo since hospital.  Apparently if only on breast milk this is normal.  Days are blurring and sleep is fast becoming disjointed.  The olympics have been a godsend, I recommend everyone chooses a birth around a major overnight sporting event for those hours where either supporting Em through a breastfeeding phase or bottle feeding/changing a nappy.  It’s not been all bad with Only Tuesday being a really difficult night.  It helps if you are early to bed and early up.  Managed run club today otherwise has been a lazy day.  Time passes too fast and Sofia is already a week old!

Fitbit Dashboard.png


Day 5 – Thursday

We go OUT, out.  Yep we have made it out the door and for a coffee in town.  Em needed to go to the doctors so took this as a full on family trip for coffee.  This is a big thing and proof we do not need to be stuck in the house all day.  If Em wasn’t the way she was then think we’d have tried more day’s out.  Really want Sofia growing up being a outdoors baby.  There is loads to do in Hitchin and of course have a mental picture of the family run!

Buggy is great and the Yo yo is really easy to pack away and can carry on my shoulder.   We have a bag packed with stuff for leaving the house.  Car seat is straightforward.  This getting out the house lark should be fine!

Day 6/7 – Friday, Saturday

We are on daily midwife visiting as Sofia is still not putting on weight, we make a decision to top up every breast feed with bottle also.  We’d like to maintain both at least for a month (well Emma wants this, I don’t mind and was bottle fed, so no worries on that score.).  This has immediate results as the Saturday morning weigh in shows she has put on 26g, which takes her within her target weight %.  However we are definitely still on poo watch.

Olympics watch, seen amazing gold medal from Wiggin’s and some unexpected medals from others, awesome swimming from Ledecky and Phelps, Enis starting up her attempt at retaining her olympic triumph in London, all makes me want to get Sofia involved, hopefully all this sport is being worked in to her brain somehow.



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