Buggies, Buggies, Buggies

I am used to searching for gadgets, cars etc but nothing had prepared me for the search for a buggy and the various extras needed.  You think it would be easy and you’d just need a buggy but no.  First you need to decide on brand, like everything there are the ranges, Bugaboo, iCandy, Out and About etc…  this you’d expect but then you do need to think about whether you want one you can run with or something compact and easy to close, or both.  We did a John Lewis Nursery List booking and was taken in to a new world.

travel-pushchairs-010216b.jpg    232544313.jpg

I hadn’t appreciated that once you had a buggy you may also need a carry cot, which would need to attach to the buggy and that the carry cot would need to be able to be attached in to the car and then you could get special seats to attach the cot to allowing you to clip the carrier in to the car via a isofix connection (I drive a 8 year old car and a two seater to boot, i did not know this!).  That’s before you realise you need special attachments and covers to keep your baby warm or dry.  There was me thinking we’d be in and out and having afternoon tea within the hour.  I think by the end of this i was embarrassing Em through test driving each buggy around the store.

travelling-car-seat-290116.jpg    travelling-pushchair-accs-29a0116.jpg

I also hadn’t realised that baby’s in cars should no longer sit facing the direction of travel and should in fact travel based on a new iSize regulation.  It’s amazing to think the risk our parents put us in through not having all these gadgets.  However now you have various travel seats suitable for various ages all of which are subject to various laws and regulations.  I am sure i was in one seat and then learnt how to use a seatbelt pretty quickly, a question for mum when i next see her.  I might be able to guilt her in to supporting us through some of this.


So by the end of it and despite saying we’d just need a buggy we ended up with

  • A buggy, we are likely going for the Bugaboo Bee 3 .  We decided against the runner, it is my chance for escape and instead went for one which will really sit compact on a plane or in a car boot.
  • A carrier, you can pretty much only buy a Maxi-Cosi here if you want to save any face with your NCT class friends.
  • We are holding off on the car seat attachment for now but guessing this will come an essential purchase at some point.
  • In addition we needed to buy special clips to ensure the Maxi-Cosi and Bugaboo could connect together.
  • We also needed to buy a number of accessories to ensure that the baby was ok, basically a snug carrier, seat liner and a canopy.  Big tip, don’t buy bright colours as this will attract bugs or worse still wasps.
  • We held off buying a sling which is actually my preference in all this as hate travelling with bags etc…  Although there is pretty much only one choice in a Ergobaby, although apparently babies don’t like the enclosed nature of it and it might be best just to get a basic sling.

Oh yeah, afternoon tea is great afterwards.  We even got another one for another day, well done John Lewis, sold me alot of stuff but had some great customer service.





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