Changing Cars

This where mid-life crisis and grown up life collide in a horrible fashion. I bought my car a few years ago from a guy selling his as he was having a baby. Life has now caught me up and so I am doing the same, goodbye high performance 2 door sports car, hello people carrier and adequate boot space and 5 doors.

The people carrier has been a joke amongst my friends for a while now but following a friends wedding last weekend the car hunt started. Question is what actually do we need and when. I know for a fact that we can’t leave the hospital in a two seater. Even if I could make two trips to pick them each up. I also know it is likely to hit way before with Em not even able to get in to the car as it sits too low. Getting a call to say your girlfriend is stuck 10 miles away and you need to come rescue her is unlikely to endear me.

So new car needed asap. I know my car will get a decent trade in value and my options are fairly open. I don’t want a new car as depreciate too quickly and the work perks scheme will likely leave me with a under powered Ford or worse still a people carrier. I also refuse to get a big 4×4 as I don’t live in a field.  So current thinking is second hand. Auto trader is the obvious stop with a search consisting of 0-60mph in less than 8 seconds, Mine is current 5.9; 5-door; less than 4 years; less than 40k miles.

The result is looking to be a BMW 1 or 3 series; Audi A3,4; or a Alfa. I rule out Alfa immediately for being poor service wise. Audi sports models seem high cost, so now looking primarily at the BMW. The 328 fits the bill but remains pricey and the M sports series (not the option packs) are worse still. The 1 is a option but really relies on boot space. Having taken the 3 series GT and the Sports 320d out for a spin, the 320 will do at a push but holding out for a 328 coming on sale. The 3 series to drive feels grown up, almost weird to drive as a result. Oh god I am going to be a dad and I’m old moment 47.
To be honest I hate buying cars as always feels a lottery buying second hand. It is likely to be dealer based to ensure warranty but that will come at a premium and likely hit if trading in. I do get the benefit of a girlfriend that also wants a sporty car, allowing her to drive the coupe was now looking like a wise move.

So at the moment it is auto trader watching nightly for the right car.  The benefits are likely to be I can take the baby home, most important point, most important point. Also and less important will be a car capable of transporting bikes, so maybe this triggers the start of the weekend get away and triathlons. Ultimately the car will need to cater for being a grown up while maintaining the mid-life crisis appeal. I’ll buy the DB Vantage on retirement.

Edit Oct 2016 – Eventually bought a BMW M1 Series which is awesome and faster than the 2 seater.  People carrier purchased.


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