No longer an it and now a … Scan 20 weeks

I find it difficult that people choose not to know the sex of their baby at this point.  We are half way and at the moment there are no shocks, nothing big has happened (other than the baby itself).  How do people keep the sex a secret from themselves. There is so much shock to come, poo, no sleep, pushchairs, a baby in the house; we need some shock now, so let me know it’s sex.  Luckily the 20 week scan can tell you all this and more.

The big news is we are having a real baby!  Em was emotional afterwards as it reaffirmed the baby was alive.  This might sound weird but at times other than size it is difficult to tell, there has been no big kicks, you can’t feel it.  It all seems like wind (worth a blog post on it’s own).  What we saw today were all the organs working away.  The baby is eating, it’s heart is beating and it’s kidneys are processing food.  This is pretty incredible.  This is mainly what the scan is for.  Checking up on vital organs and size.  Everything for us is fine which is good.  The not fine scares me.  I don’t want to bring in to this world a baby with it’s own challenges.  This world has enough to throw at them and likely more to come.

This is also chance to note the state of the NHS.  The nurse, doctors, everyone seems rushed off their feet.  The guy that did the scans here came from another department in the morning only to end up working here as they were short staffed.  As he said he only came for coffee and a chat with friends and now he is telling us, total strangers, the sex of our child.  The admin staff seem stretched, quizzed by everyone that arrives.  Despite all this they are really civil and calm.  The guy simply stating “do we have unrest outside” as someone tries to enter the room.  It’s not mayhem but they do seem to lack people and time.

As the passive one watching, you really feel like asking some questions or just breaking the silence.  This is where dumb dad comes out with questions like “what size will it be when it comes out compared to now?”…. “bigger”… It was a reasonable question as was talking size.  They are 15-20cm still at the moment and you kind of want to know how much bigger they get.  Apparently from now the growth is accelerated.

Oh and it’s a girl.  A baby girl.  I am happy about this as both my brothers have girls.  Between us we will have 4 girls and 1 boy.  This is bound to make mum happy also as she has waited years for a girl only for them to turn up like buses. A while after I am thinking but what about Sunday football and lego.  I am reminded girls can do this as well.  This is also definitely not a cue for pink.  So there we go a girl. Amazing.


Apparently we don’t go back for further scans after this, next stop baby.


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