Baby on Board

So anyone in London will recognise the  words “Baby on Board” when travelling on the tube, or do you?  Em has got one from London Transport and recently started to wear it, she is slowing down and is slowly more unstable.  This is a way of people not asking the awkward question of “are you pregnant, would you like to sit down” or worse Em having to ask herself for a seat.

However the experience to date is that it makes people hide further from you to protect their seat.  Only once or twice has the seat been offered on a packed commuter train.  More than often both men and women eyes dip back to looking at their iPhone, hoping they didn’t make eye contact.  I can see why in many ways, why is a pregnant person more important and deserving of a seat.  There are so many other important people on the tube, this is London afterall.

or maybe badges


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