We told (some) people via Facebook

Well I did that accidentally and after we’d told the most important people, our families and closest friends.  However we were away and on holiday eating cake in our hotel.  A last hurrah before the baby.  Not the cake but the foreign travel.  When suddenly Em takes a massive plate of cake.  Photographed in the act I posted to Facebook, not thinking, never thinking I posted “…spot the pregnant plate”.  Cue a flurry of Facebook activity.  It is good to know you are being stalked and by the most random of people including Em’s friends who i am not friends with (never even met) – I dont mean this in a bad way.  So I guess that makes us Facebook official.  Maybe i should change my relationship status to in a relationship, i am a few steps behind there.  There is a whole post here on the telling of people, work, friends and family.  I’ve actually found it very weird telling people, which people themselves find weird I am not openly shouting from the rooftops.


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