12 weeks – First Scan

The first scan and generally the information you get when pregnant in the UK is fairly straight forwards.  Confirmation from the doctor, letter to the hospital, letter and pack back from the hospital which looks like a old school high school project folder with your name printed on the side.  Inside is information and the printed results of everything.  Lose it and you lose the baby and what happens next.  It’s retro.

The day of the first scan is still fresh in my mind although back in January now.  12 weeks in you don’t expect to be seeing much, however what you do see is pretty amazing, scary even.  Although only the size of your average Waitrose avocado what appears looks fully formed.  You can see the head, body, legs, arms.  Crazy.


What are we looking for here, the form, and also measurement of the fluid behind the babies head/neck.  This is a sign of whether it has a issue, a thin film is best.  I forget the exact measurements (what a 12 week scan entails is detailed here).  The rest is looking at proportion.  Today baby is not keeping still, it is bouncing up the wall of the womb and sliding down.  I am hoping this is a sign of a sporting legend in the making.  Em can’t feel this yet, more likely due to wanting to pee from all the water she had to drink before.

For us if we wanted the pictures you actually have to pay additional (well recommended), it is scary how reliant hospitals are on additional outside of just your taxes.  £3 for the photo, £6 for parking…. Final steps are blood test which looks for signs of Downs or any reason to be more watchful.  We are on the borderline of fitness given our ages of 39 and 34.

Today was a big day, I survived without freaking out and at the end it is clear, we are having a baby!



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