World Cup

When the next World Cup happens Sofia will nearly be 6! That’s mental! So for now she shouts “daddy’s football” or “daddy’s Beebies”. She isn’t a fan yet as this is often followed by “Bing”. She will ask to play “football daddy” when she gets her ball outside. So England started with a win and […]


One of the things we have seemingly managed to teach Sofia is some level of manners. We were even told that by nursery last night. Despite her being also possessive and stubborn, traits of a 2 year old, she also uses “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”. At nursery yesterday she managed to draw first on […]

Monday Mornings

There is a ritual that you follow every morning with the aim of getting to nursery on time, the train on time and then to work. It doesn’t sound hard and usually the general things of getting Sofia dressed, breakfast and even dressing her ready to go out isn’t the difficult thing. It’s the random […]

Blame the grandparents Amazon Alexa rules

So this is this modern society. We were playing songs on our Google Home, only for Sofia at the end to shout out “Alexa” and the song she wanted. “No Sofia it is Hey Google”. Sofia, “Alexa”. “No Sofia, it’s Hey Google”. Alexa is the grandparents, a weekend away and Sofia’s brand loyalty is now […]

Mummy and Daddy

After rebranding all flying animals ducks and 4 legged animals a combination of woof and moo. Having done this for several months she has finally realised she has a “mummy” and “daddy”. This has only properly happened in the last few weeks and already she has started to use one of those words pretty much […]

Children’s Television

I don’t think I’ve watched normal television during the day for the last month. With everything going on in the world this is probably a good thing. I didn’t think I’d enjoy watching children’s TV but it definitely has a calming effect in a world gone mad.  I’ve tried explain the joys of children’s tv […]